One Comic To Rule Them All Submission

Here’s the four pages I drew for the One Comic To Rule Them All anthology, published by ComicBookHour!

Markos Warm-Up Sketch

Today’s warm-up drawing features Markos from my webcomic, the Sparrow! Check it out at, at Tapastic, or at Webtoon!

Black Mage Ferret

A little black mage ferret for adding to your team!

Spider-Man Poster

To celebrate the release of Spider-Man Homecoming, I drew up this poster featuring¬†fourteen Spider-characters from Marvel comics! You can buy this print at my Redbubble shop! All kinds of sizes and finishes available! Can you name all fourteen characters? Check the key below to see how many you recognize! Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Spider-Man (Miles Morales) […]

Ferret white mage!

Postcard drawing of a cute ferret dressed as a white mage from Final Fantasy!

Ferret Zodiac, Full Set

I’ve completed the digital designs for my zodiac ferrets! I’m working on a ferret zodiac calendar print now. Soon I’ll have stickers and prints ready, so stay tuned!

Ferret Zodiacs, first half

I’ve designed a set of ferrets based on the Zodiac. Above are the designs for the first half of the signs. The remaining six will be coming soon. Once I make the remaining six digital, I’ll be creating a zodiac calendar design using the twelve signs. In addition, these will be available individually or in […]